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4th ANSA & mETA International Conference
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  Session 2A  
Impact analysis of a cellular phone
W. Liu, H. Li, presented by H. Xing
Beijing FEAonline Technology Co., Ltd, PR China
ANSA and µETA Post contribution to the study of Safran Open 60' race yacht crashworthiness
P. Biagi
SAFRAN Engineering Services, France
Simulation of Rail Roll and Track Buckling using LS-DYNA and ANSA
D. P. Malone1*, D. Krueger1, D. Lokesha2, J. Weage2
1TUV Rheinland Rail Sciences, Inc., USA
2BETA CAE Systems USA Inc., USA
Process development for multi-disciplinary spot weld optimization with CAx-LoCo, LS-OPT and ANSA
G. Geißler1*, T. Hahn2
1DYNAmore GmbH, Germany
2Audi AG, Germany
Session 2B  
  Automation and optimization - ANSA an essential aid
M. Christiansson
FS Dynamics Sweden AB, Sweden
  Cavitation simulation and experimental verification using a new Diesel nozzle design concept
N. Mitroglou*, M. Gavaises, A. Theodorakakos
City University London, UK
  ANSA evolution and contribution to the success of industry's CFD simulations
V. Skaperdas
BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece
  Design and analysis of a light cargo UAV prototype
A. P. Kovanis1*, J. A. Ekaterinaris1, V. Skaperdas2
1University of Patras, Greece
2BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece
  Session 3A  
  A Strategy for standardization and automation of door durability CAE analysis using ANSA Task Manager
D. James1, S. Patil2*
1Chrysler Group LLC, USA
2BETA CAE Systems USA Inc., USA
  How to assess BIW structures from the fatigue point of view
M. Kaltenböck*, H. Dannbauer, W. Hübsch, K. Puchner, S. Fischmeister
MAGNA POWERTRAIN Engineering Center Steyr GmbH & Co KG (ECS), Austria
  Session 3B  
  CFD optimization via sensitivity-based shape morphing
C. Othmer1, E. Papoutsis2*, K. Haliskos3
1Volkswagen AG, Germany
2National Technical University of Athens, Greece
3BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece
  CFD simulations of flow over NASA Trap Wing Model
A. Luo1*, P. Peddiraju2 , V. Skaperdas3
1Swift Engineering Inc., USA
2BETA CAE Systems USA Inc., USA
3BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece
  Session 4A  
  Spot weld modeling for vehicle durability performance with ANSA
Y. Baik
Renault Samsung Motors Co., Ltd, S. Korea
  Durability AddOns for ANSA and µETA
D. Fels
Ford-Werke GmbH, Germany
  Session 4B  
  Computational investigation of octopus arm hydrodynamics
A. Kazakidi*, V. Vavourakis, J. A. Ekaterinaris, D. P. Tsakiris
FORTH (Institute of Computer Science Foundation for Research & Technology), Greece
  Parametric sharp edge morphing for aerodynamic shape optimization
V. Gandhi1* , Robert Lietz2, Ashutosh Patil1, Ravi Nimbalkar1
1BETA CAE Systems USA Inc., USA
2Ford Motor Company, USA
  Session 6  
  Automatic generation of XML formats report by using ANSA and µETA Post
S. Shibuya1, R. Nishioka1 presented by H. Okamura2*
1Honda R&D Co., Ltd., Japan
2TOP CAE Corporation, Japan
  Evaluation and visualization of equivalent radiated power in µETA
K. Wiechmann*, J. Hiller
P+Z Engineering GmbH, Germany
  Performance and graphics optimization on BETA CAE Systems products
B. Coquelle, D. Ali*
Advanced Micro Devices Ltd, USA
  Session 7A  
ANSA & µETA integrated suite to streamline the detailed assessment of full vehicle NVH behavior
V. Pavlidis
BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece
Squeal Analysis of disc brake system
H. Xing
Beijing FEAonline Technology Co., Ltd, PR China
Using ANSA for beams and shells FE concept models at BMW
M. Kroiss1*, H. Schneeweiß2, L. Cremers1
1IABG mbH, Germany
2BMW Group, Germany
Re-analysis methodologies for shape changes in NVH
Z. Mourelatos1*, S. Patil2, D. Lokesha2, J. Skarakis2
1Oakland University, USA
2BETA CAE Systems USA Inc., USA
  Session 7B  
Extension of optimization capabilities with TOSCA, ANSA and ULTRASIM
H. Weiler*, T. Hensel
BASF SE, Germany
Development and use of an ANSA component for Isight process integration
D. Kokan1*, A. Dongare2
1Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA Corp., USA 23DPLM Software Solutions, India
Multi-objective optimization with modeFRONTIER interfaces for ANSA and µETA Post
A. Clarich*, R. Russo, M. Carriglio
ESTECO Srl, Italy
Utilization of morphing/sizing capabilities to optimize performance of reinforced plastic components taking into account the fiber orientation effects
M. Lambi
BASF Engineering Plastics, USA
  Session 8A  
Using ANSA for automated FE-modeling of turbocharger housings
D. Dreissig1*, F. Kruse2*
1LASSO Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Germany
2BorgWarner Turbo Systems Engineering GmbH, Germany
ANSA batch meshing for CAD based vehicle concept modeling
B. Lauber
ISKO engineers AG, Germany
ANSA as an advanced tool in biomedical modelling and engineering
A. Tsouknidas*, S. Savvakis, N. Michailidis, K. Anagnostidis
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  Session 8B  
Effect of PLY Number & orientation of composite structure in bird strike analysis
Trivikram N. L.*, M. R. Yeli, R. Venkatesan, V. R. Sural
EASi Engineering, India
EMC model building using ANSA
F. Kadlček*, P. Tobola
Evektor, spol. s r. o., Czech Republic
CAE model interrogation & data mining
N. Kalargeros*, G. Haritos
University of Hertfordshire, UK
  Session 10  
Crash Simulation: Challenges and future prospects
A. Kaloudis1* H. Klamser2
1BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece
2Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft, Germany
Vehicle level UFEA process using ANSA, Abaqus and SIMULIA scenario definition
M. Roswall*, R. Bois, M. Schrank, Y. Choi, S. Sankar
Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA Corp., USA
The use of generic entities for multi-disciplinary pre-processing. A simple but powerful pattern in ANSA
Y. Kolokythas*, L. Rorris
BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece
  Session 11  
CAE model build-up in collaboration with external suppliers not having direct access to the enterprise SDM environment
Z. Petrovic1*, I. Charalampidis2
1Siemens Industry Software GmbH & Co., Germany
22BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece
Implementation and use of SPDRM to streamline a CAE process
S. Seitanis*, Z. Margellou, A. Korbetis
BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece
  Beyond Sessions  
ANSA pre-process for TTI power tools cae application
Adams Liu, Willy Cheng, Jeffrey Zeiler
Techtronic Industries (Dongguan) Co. Ltd, China
Calculation of vertical stiffness of air spring with FEM
Jian Sun
Beijing FEAonline Engineering Co., LTD., China
CFD analysis of windshield heater system
Wei Liu, Haijun Jia
Beijing FEAonline Engineering Co.,Ltd. Beijing, China
Oil pipe analysis of low cycle fatigue and fracture under reciprocating bending load
Wei Liu, Qinglin Hou
Beijing FEAonline Engineering Co.,Ltd. Beijing, China
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