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BETA CAE Systems
Launches New Subsidiary in Sweden
January 15th, 2014

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BETA CAE Systems S.A. Announces The Launch Of BETA CAE Nordic AB,
Its New Subsidiary in Gothenburg, Sweden

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Thessaloniki, January 15th, 2014

BETA CAE Systems S.A., the leading contemporary industry supplier of CAE software, announces the further expansion of its operations, with the establishment of a subsidiary company in Sweden. BETA CAE Nordic A.B., based in Gothenburg, has a mission to enhance the customers service experience for the CAE engineers in the Nordic region and contribute to the deployment of BETA CAE Systems portfolio to one of the most demanding and fast growing markets.

This investment is one more demonstration of our company's commitment to bring our best-in-class software solutions and know-how in multi-disciplinary CAE processes, closer and faster to the market. In co-operation with our business partner in Sweden, Dynamore Nordic, we put our effort to honour our customers' trust and to bring their CAE process into a higher level.

"Our presence in the Nordic countries is of significant importance", said Stylianos Seitanis, Managing Director of BETA CAE Nordic. "Our well established position in the recovering automotive sector requires the best care and support. Having Sweden as a base, we exploit better our opportunities for the expansion to other industrial sectors, which are in a growing trajectory in the region. I consider myself fortunate to lead the operations of BETA CAE Nordic."

"Our strategic positioning shows the level of attention we were always paying to this region", said Sam Saltiel, Chief Communication Officer and Head of Customers Service of BETA CAE Systems. "This is one more step on our course to growth, to which we are driven by our commitment to be closer to the CAE community".

About BETA CAE Systems SA

BETA CAE Systems S.A, headquartered in Thessaloniki, Greece, is a private engineering software company committed to the development of best-in-class CAE software systems that meet the requirements of all simulation disciplines. The company’s flagship product, ANSA / µETA pre- & post-processing package, hold a worldwide leading position, in many sectors, including the automotive, railway vehicles, aerospace, motorsports, chemical processes engineering, energy, electronics, heavy machinery, power tools, and biomedical. The company’s new solution for Simulation Product Data and Resources Management, SPDRM, provides a simple, scalable and intuitive way to capture, deploy, manage and improve CAE work flows.

About BETA CAE Nordic AB

BETA CAE Nordic AB, with headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a subsidiary of BETA CAE Systems SA. Its mission is to broaden the customer basis and offer high-level support for BETA's software portfolio. Staffed with carefully selected experts, and with co-operation with the local business agent, BETA CAE Nordic assures customer satisfaction and increased benefits from CAE deployment.


BETA CAE Nordic AB, Lindholmspiren 5A, 6th floor, SE-41756 Göteborg, Sweden

Tel: +46-31-220400, Email:, URL:

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