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May 31, 2017

BETA CAE Systems announces the release of the new software RETOMO


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Turn the key to 3D-modeling from CT-data of physical objects.

Grasp image data and turn them into tessellated models, ready to be driven to further analysis.

RETOMO addresses the need of contemporary industry to embed new approaches, such as Computer Tomography (CT) and the integration of its data into the CAE process.

This new software couples simulation and physical objects even for high-end complex, multi-material structures. RETOMO enables the correlation of CT with CAE and CAD data, by applying high-end methods to read, process, reduce, reconstruct, visualize CT images, and output them as tessellated models.

It incorporates functionality to import, interpret, analyze, and visualize industrial and scientific Computed Tomography (CT) data. Detailed tessellated models are generated, producing one or more files, one for each material, containing the FE-model in WaveFront format (*.obj), ready for pre-processing.


RETOMO has been designed to offer a minimal and intuitive interface having all tools and functions grouped together in such a way that the user can directly access to any of those as well as interact with the model during the analysis of the process.

It offers efficient capabilities for handling Multi-material objects. A solid transparent 3D volume rendering allows the clear visualization of materials, and supports the instantaneous changes in number of materials or inter-material thresholds. Multiple materials can also be handled simultaneously during the image segmentation.

RETOMO can generate separate meshes for all materials in the scan in a single pass. Powerful mesh processing tools allow users to proceed with mesh smoothing and simplification leading to more convenient model import and handling despite the number of datasets. Sophisticated algorithms allow users to work on big databases, without sacrificing the resulting quality.

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