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April 10, 2019

BETA CAE Systems announces its partnership with SAFER

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BETA CAE Systems announces its partnership with SAFER

BETA CAE Systems is proud to be among the partners of SAFER - Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre at Chalmers. BETA joins SAFER and its partners in their efforts for building the technologies and frameworks for safer road transport.

Magnus Granström, SAFER’s director, welcoming BETA states: "We welcome BETA as a partner in our research cooperation on vehicle and traffic safety. We hope and believe that BETA's expertise and knowledge will be of great benefit to our joint research during the coming stage of SAFER".

On April 1st, SAFER, along with 35 partners, entered into a new 5 years cooperation agreement which aims to research and disseminate knowledge about traffic safety through multidisciplinary collaboration.

BETA CAE Nordic, holding expertise in engineering simulation software and processes, will contribute to projects in the research area of human body protection, an area about optimizing occupant protection.

"Having well-functioning tools for modelling and simulation is absolutely crucial for us to continue to save lives and reduce injuries in traffic", states Lotta Jakobsson, Research Area Director for Human body protection. "BETA now joins SAFER and contributes with its knowledge in developing modelling and result processing tools. This will help enable and facilitate our human body modelling activities and create a better understanding on how to develop efficient injury prevention measures"

"We are excited for the opportunity to fuse our know-how and software with the experience and expertise of SAFER and its partners", says Stelios Seitanis, Managing Director of BETA CAE Nordic. "Being aligned with SAFER’s vision and principles towards zero accidents, we are confident that this partnership will deliver exciting results in the field of vehicle safety".

"Taking part in this effort is of great importance to us", says Sam Saltiel, BETA’s Chief Communications officer. "Not only because it is an honour and a recognition to take a place among the top researchers in the field, but mainly because the results of our work build a safer and better world for us and our children."


SAFER Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre at Chalmers is a competence centre where about 35 partners from the Swedish automotive industry, academia and authorities cooperate to make a centre of excellence within the field of vehicle and traffic safety.

Research at SAFER spans a broad base, covering several disciplines and encompassing both safe mobility and vehicle safety in real environments. The centre’s activities engage the very elite in the field of safe transport solutions, and the results contribute to increasing the competitive advantages of the centre’s partner companies and organisations.

Chalmers University of Technology hosts the centre in Lindholmen in Gothenburg. By using the multidisciplinary scientific competence available within the centre, we make it a hub for excellent research and innovation.

More information about SAFER:

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