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October 1, 2019

BETA CAE Systems announces the release of
SPDRM v1.3.1

About this Release

BETA CAE Systems announces the release of SPDRM v1.3.1.

This version delivers a number of enhancements and fixes to the users of the most advanced Simulation Process Data and Resources Management tool.

The most important enhancements and fixes are listed below.


Enhancements and known issues resolved in SPDRM v1.3.1
Documentation Updates
Supported platforms and System Requirements

Enhancements and known issues resolved


Data Tree

Rule-based accepted values (e.g. Team) are now supported in DM Tree filters.

A new check has been added to the "Show In Structure" option, prohibiting the redirection to the DM Tree when the active DM Tree filters are filtering out the selected data object.

Data Lifecycle

Parts and subsystems are now automatically linked every time a subsystem is saved in SPDRM.

Alert inheritance and propagation from a DM object to its descendants are now controlled based on the Alert Source of the particular DM object.
- When the Alert Source is content of the DM object, the alert will only be inherited / propagated to DM objects that contain the particular DM object (i.e. through content links only).
- In all other cases, the alert will be inherited / propagated to all descendants of the particular DM object, regardless of their relationship.

Process Design / Execution

Node scheduled for execution with the option "After", now calculates the time of execution at the moment its state becomes Ready.

A notification will appear in case the user attempts to Reset/Execute a node which lies before an MxN node with running instances.

The built-in variables are now available when editing the conditions in a decision node.

It is now possible to change the application that is used by a node, while in status Finished.

Process Library

Node definitions can now be exported from the context menu of each node listed in the Search Node Definition list.

Script API

A new function has been added that returns the exported directories of data objects by using their handle ids.

New error codes have been introduced to several script functions to improve the error handling in the following cases:
- when an invalid file path is given as input argument,
- when the given data object id has got references, and cannot be deleted,
- when the given data object id corresponds to a partially deleted item,
- when an invalid query is given as input argument,
- when the value of conflict resolution is invalid,
- when the node id that was given corresponds to a deleted node.

Script Actions

A mechanism has been added to check the validity of the given script file path.

System Configuration

A new check has been added to verify the validity of the vault path, during login through the SPDRM Client.

Known issues resolved

Data Views

The sorting of columns that contain icons (e.g. Items) was not available.

Data Search

Simulation Model, Loadcase and Simulation Run context menu option "Show in Structure" would fail to expand the tree down to the selected item, and a second call to the function was required.

Data Lifecycle

Parts were not displayed properly in the Lifecycle Graph.


For more details about the new software features, enhancements and corrections please, refer to the Release Notes document.


Documentation Updates

Updated Documents

Updated installation guide, and scripting API guide.


Supported Platforms and System Requirements

The server software of SPDRM is currently available on Linux and MS Windows 64bits.

The client software of SPDRM is running under 64bit flavours of Linux and MS Windows.

The software requires a different license key to the rest of the products of BETA CAE Systems. This license key should be incorporated into the same license file, if such is already installed, and requires beta_lm, the proprietary license manager of BETA CAE Systems.

For details, refer to the System Requirements document.



Where to download from

Customers who are served directly by BETA CAE Systems, or its subsidiaries, may download the new software and documentation from their account on our server. They can access their account through the "user login" link at our web site.
Contact us if you miss your account details. The Downloads menu items give you access to the public downloads.
Customers who are served by a local business agent should contact the local support channel for software distribution details.

What to download

All files required for the installation of this version reside in the folder named: "SPDRM_v1.3.1 " and are dated as of October 1, 2019.

These files should replace any pre-releases or other files downloaded prior to that date.

The distribution of this version of SPDRM is packaged in one, single, unified installation file that invokes the respective installer and guides the procedure for the installation of the required components (i.e. SPDRM server and client).

For the installation of the software on each platform type, download from the respective folders, the .tar.gz file for Linux or the .zip file for Windows.

Earlier software releases are also available in the sub-directory called "Previous_Versions" or in a folder named after the product and version number.

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