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December 9, 2019

BETA CAE Systems announces the release of
the v20.0.2 of its software suite


About this release

BETA CAE Systems announces the release of the ANSA/EPILYSIS/META v20.0.2 series.

Apart from fixes for detected issues, this version also hosts noteworthy enhancements and implementations.

The most important enhancements and fixes are listed below:


Enhancements and known issues resolved in ANSA
Enhancements and known issues resolved in EPILYSIS
Enhancements and known issues resolved in META
Compatibility and Supported Platforms

Enhancements and known issues resolved in ANSA

Enhancements in ANSA


The following python script functions have been added:

  • utils.ReadGUISettings()
  • utils.SaveGUISettings()
  • utils.CurrentGUISettings()
These functions provide the capability to read an .xml file via scripting, so as to apply specific settings to the current ANSA session.

Data Management

When SPDRM is used as the data management backbone, any SPDRM issues associated with the selected DM object(s) are now displayed in a dedicated tab in the DM Browser.

Moreover, apart from the considerable performance improvements in DM Browser operations, it is now possible to Edit an issue, either using the respective issue context menu option in the DM Browser or with a double-click of the left mouse button on the issue.

Known issues resolved in ANSA

CAD to ANSA Translators

CAD to ANSA translation would fail, if the dm_structure.xml had a Read Only Attribute.

Modular Run Management

Focusing on the Build process, abnormal termination might occur during the execution of Built Actions that implemented Smart Assembly, when more than one A_POINTs/LC_POINTs marked the same node.

Batch Meshing

Unexpected termination might occur in Batch Mesh, when Stamps recognition was active.


When saving a list with large amount of data, ANSA might not save the correct contents in the list.

Moreover, upon "Input in new Include " execution, setting the "Apply numbering rules from file: " field would result in reading the rules without applying them.


Unexpected termination could occur during input, if "Merge Properties By Layup = YES " was set as ANSA default.


Abnormal termination could occur, when the Output Parameter “Field labels” under Comments tab was activated.


File compression would not be implemented during output of ∗.msh.gz files.


ANSA might cease to respond when the Threshold value in the TLINK Wizard was too big and the option "Allow Links to the same part " activated.


For more details about the new software features, enhancements and corrections please, refer to the Release Notes document.


Enhancements and known issues resolved in EPILYSIS

Enhancements in EPILYSIS


Parameters K4SHHPCH and K4FHHPCH are now supported for SOL103 as well.

Known issues resolved in EPILYSIS


EPILYSIS would not output the results for the x-direction of the first node, when calculating an MNF file.


For more details about the new software features, enhancements and corrections please, refer to the Release Notes document.


Enhancements and known issues resolved in META

Enhancements in META


i10 format is now supported.

Math Operations on Field Data

In User Field Functions, it is now possible to assign conditionally No Value results to a range of states. e.g.: if(s$i.sf>10, s$i.sf, s$i.s_no_value).

Data Management

The script function dm.OpenDMObjectsInNewTab() has been enhanced with the new argument "open_in_reports_table " that prompts the direct opening of the Reports Table for selected DM objects, such as Simulation Runs that contain Reports.

Known issues resolved in META


Rendering: Streamlines with shade and fringe were not visible on some AMD Graphics cards.

Read Results – FEMZIP

Unexpected termination of femunzip executable might occur, when reading compressed Nastran op2 result files.

Read Results – MARC

Unexpected termination would occur, when reading .t16 files referencing elements 2, 3, 4, 25, 48 or two component "displacement " results. All the aforementioned entities were not supported in prior versions.


In Spreadsheet Editor, unexpected termination could occur when running spreadsheet commands and no model was loaded.

Project Files & METADB

Unexpected termination would occur when trying to read a META database containing 2d plot windows.


Sessions: META might cease to respond, after setting a long project comment (over 7,000,000 characters), especially in cases where the characters were random and lowercase.

META Viewer

Referring to Projects, unexpected termination would occur when opening a new window via Ctrl+N, after a model was loaded.


For more details about the new software features, enhancements and corrections please, refer to the Release Notes document.


Compatibility and Supported Platforms

ANSA files saved by all the first and second point releases of a major version are compatible to each other. New major versions can read files saved by previous ones but not vice versa.

META Project files saved from version 20.0.2 are compatible and can be opened by META version 20.0.0 or later. To be readable by META versions earlier than v20.0.0 or v16.0.0, they have to be saved selecting the option "Version 16.0.0" or "Version <16.0.0" respectively.

Support for 32-bit platform has been discontinued for all operating systems.



Where to download from

Customers who are served directly by BETA CAE Systems, or its subsidiaries, may download the new software, examples and documentation from their account on our server. They can access their account through the "user login" link at our web site.
Contact us if you miss your account details. The Downloads menu items give you access to the public downloads.
Customers who are served by a local business agent should contact the local support channel for software distribution details.

What to download

All files required for the installation of this version reside in the folder named "BETA_CAE_Systems_v20.0.2" and are dated as of December 9, 2019. These files should replace any pre-releases or other files downloaded prior to that date.
The distribution of this version of our pre- and post-processing suite is packaged in one, single, unified installation file, that invokes the respective installer and guides the procedure for the installation of the required components.

For the installation of the software on each platform type, download from the respective folders, the .sh file for Linux or the .msi file for Windows.

In addition to the above, optionally, the META Viewer is available to be downloaded for each supported platform.

The tutorials and the example files reside in the folder named "TUTORIALS". This folder includes the complete package of the tutorials and example files, and a package with only the updated ones.

The Abaqus libraries required for the post-processing of Abaqus .odb files are included in the installation package and can be optionally unpacked.

Earlier software releases are also available in the sub-directory called "old" or in a folder named after the product and version number.

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