White papers & Presentations

Process and Data Management

Integrating Teamcenter Simulation Process Management with ANSA

Process Automation

Automation Capabilities in META - META Post Toolbars

Results-based mesh refinement with ANSA / META pre- and post- processing suite

Direct Modelling

ANSA and SpaceClaim interaction for upfront changes in CAE

Model Management and Assembly

Multivariant / Multidiscipline Model Build Up using ANSA

Model comparison on ANSA

ANSA Includes Configurator

Crash and Safety

ANSA Model Checks for LS-DYNA

Dummy positioning and restraining using ANSA & META

META Post-Processor Toolbars for Crash and Safety

Pre-processing tools for Interior Safety simulation in ANSA

Pre- & post-processing tools in ANSA & META for Pedestrian Safety simulation


ANSA & META for Squeak and Rattle model set up and analysis with the E-LINE method

Acoustic cavity meshing techniques


ANSA & META for Fatigue analyses

Model set up for MSC Nastran Embedded Fatigue (NEF)

Integrated Verity® weld definition tool for ANSA users


ANSA and META for exterior noise analyses with ACTRAN

Thermal Analysis

Set up of a RadTherm case in ANSA


ANSA & META features for CFD - presentation -

CFD case study of the DrivAer model with ANSA and OpenFOAM

University of Pisa: Application of ANSA optimization tools to automotive HVAC system

WR Digital adopts ANSA for Complete and Successful Motor Racing CFD Modeling

CFD Progetti - Integration of ANSA in an Open-Source Environment



The FiberSIM® Analysis InterfaceTM for ANSA

Composite Materials Multi Objective Optimization using ANSA, META and modeFRONTIER


EnginSoft: Packaging Optimization driven by parametric morphing: development of an automatic methodology

Volvo Car Corporation: An automated approach to speed up concept creation and validation based on flow optimization

Topology and Shape optimisation using the Tosca-ANSA Environment

ANSA & META for Nastran Solution 200

Optimisation of Spotwelds distribution using ANSA and META

Coupling ANSA to LS-OPT® for optimisation applications

ANSA, LS-OPT®, META: A complete software set for optimisation

Composite Materials Multi Objective Optimization using ANSA, META and modeFRONTIER

Multibody Dynamics

ANSA KINETICS tool for Multi Body Dynamics

Introduction to the ANSA Kinetics Tool

ANSA Kinetics Tool tutorial: Contact Simulation of a Valvetrain mode

Molding Analysis

Overview of ANSA and Moldex3D Coupling


Model set-up for Abaqus/Standard - Abaqus/Explicit Co-Simulation with ANSA

Results mapping with ANSA

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