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ASERIS-BETM is a key component of the ASERISTM electromagnetic simulation suite, co-developed by AIRBUS and IMACS as an essential link in the aircraft design chain (Design, certification, and maintenance).

ASERIS-BETM is based on the Boundary Element Method (BEM) in the frequency domain. It implements fast solvers such as the multi-level Fast Multipole Method (FMM) and ther H-matrix method. Main applications: Radar Cross Section (RCS), antenna design, antenna placement, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), lightning direct and indirect effects (LDE/LIE), High intensity radiated fields (HIRF).

For almost 20 years, continuously being improved, ASERISTM serves the needs of the Aeronautics, Defence, Space and Automotive industries. ASERIS-BETM has a long record of successful implementation, in several domains and implementation scenarios, while its capabilities allow its further deployment for addressing more computational challenges.

With the deployment of the BETA CAE Systems suite, combined with ASERIS-BE, the industry can solve problems emerging from complex applications and tackle real challenging scenarios, with high Return on Investment.


ASERIS-BETM is based on the solution of Boundary Integral Equations (BIE) derived from Maxwell’s equations in the frequency domain, offering very accurate numerical approximation.

It requires reduced modelling effort, smaller model sizes and lower memory consumption, as it is based only on the meshing of the interfaces between different homogeneous domains. Electric and magnetic fields are deduced effectively in the observation domain, using the integral representation formulas in the post-processing stage. With this approach, when additional result points are needed, there is no need to re-mesh and re-solve the initial model, offering flexibility and reduced computational time.

The solver handles perfect or imperfect conductors, dielectric materials, resistive or composite sheets, electric wires, ground planes and geometrical symmetries, lumped voltage sources and impedances, waveguides, incident plane waves, point sources etc. Furthermore, it offers the possibility of replacing radiation sources with equivalent Huygens surfaces that are unidirectionally coupled to their surroundings. It is worth noting that the solver features low-frequency stabilization, which allows it to address broadband problems from very low to very high frequencies.

ASERIS-BETM computational technology can find its application in problems for:
 - Antenna applications: Optimization and design, Antenna placement, Management of Radio-Frequency Compatibility (RFC) on platforms, Wireless communication systems, Instrument Landing System (ILS) and airport environment, Beamforming…
 - Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC): Radiated emissions, Immunity testing, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and cross-talk…
 - Radar applications: Radar Cross Section of targets in aerospace, marine and automotive, Design and optimization of Radar Systems, RF sensors (e.g. in autonomous driving, remote sensing, non-destructive testing, etc.)
 - Lightning protection of buildings, aircrafts etc.
The implementation of the software may be further extended to other areas, such as Electronics: Signal integrity, Power integrity, S-parameters of interconnects etc.

By combining the implementation of fast computational methods (FMM, H-Matrix) with a pure surface mesh formulation, the solver demonstrates very high performance. Being coupled with the efficient pre- and post-processing software of BETA, the overall solution demonstrates high quality and reduced overall processing time.


 - Broad range of implementation areas.
 - Reduced modeling effort.
 - Smaller model sizes and storage requirements.
 - Low memory footprint.
 - Flexible and dynamic post-processing of EM fields with low computational footprint.
 - Very high performance in all the supported computational platforms.
 - Very accurate numerical approximations.
 - Efficiency and reliability.
 - High level interaction with BETA CAE Systems software suite.
 - Automated processes, model set-up and post-processing tools with BETA CAE Systems software.
 - Prompt and committed technical support.

ASERISTM and ASERIS SOFTWARETM are registered trademarks of AIRBUS S.A.S.

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