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A highly regulated environment to compete makes details crucial in teams’ efforts to overtake the competition. In the motorsports industry, technology and innovation is on its peak and teams are employing every available tool to gain the extra edge. BETA CAE Systems ANSA / META pre- and post- processing suite finds extensive multidisciplinary application in the motorsports industry greatly facilitating the CAE processes and working ways.

Solutions Highlights

Since geometries in motorsports are usually complex, advanced geometry handling capabilities are required when preparing a model for simulation. ANSA pre-processor offers advanced solutions in geometry handling through the integrated tools. Models in ANSA can be thoroughly checked and errors can be identified and automatically fixed while geometries can be simplified according to the mesh requirements.

Aerodynamics play a crucial part in motorsports making CFD a central process in developing new designs and optimizing existing ones. The solutions ANSA offers for CFD have established our suite as the choice of the leader in motorsports. Among the advanced meshing capabilities are: the generation of meshes resolving different length scales of several orders of magnitude, the automatic refinement on curvature, sharp edges, and critical areas, the unstructured volume meshing with tetra or hexa-dominant/polyhedral elements, and the pure hexa mesh generation. A very robust algorithm ensures high quality layers generation all around complex model geometries. Additionally, engineers can map results from a CFD analysis on a structural mesh to calculate deformations and then morph the model to the deformed position to perform further analyses.

With its complete solution package for meshing, assembly, contacts definition, and boundary conditions set-up, ANSA becomes the most efficient solution for powertrain pre-processing. On top of the unmatched mashing capabilities and the geometrical feature treatment, the connections modeling through representations and automatic definitions makes assembly modeling as easy as ever. META offers also a complete solution for powertrain. It stands out from the competition due to its organization capabilities, the variety of tools for the assessment of the results, the available functionalities for the identification of the areas of interest and hot spots, the tools for direct calculations based on solver results, the options for the communication of the results, and for its automation capabilities.

Through the he Kinetics tool of ANSA our users have an advanced Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) solution to perform motion analysis, to study and analyze the dynamics of mechanical systems, such as suspensions. The implemented tire modeling features further extend the capabilities of ANSA. The available tire models provide a solid background for studying the interaction between tires and road surfaces. The calculation of tire results data such as forces and torques that are exerted on the tires as well as other tire characteristic results, provide a good overview of how the tire behaves under loads, steering inputs, or other external factors.

Weight optimizations are now an easy task using ANSA and META pre- and post- processors. ANSA couples directly with the established optimizers offering also the automatic meshing quality improvement of the optimized model. The morphing capabilities of ANSA offer the ability to perform morphing on both geometry and FE meshes with automatic mesh reconstruction according to the desired quality criteria.

The ANSA / META suite offers a complete solution in composite materials modeling. These solutions are realized through numerous functionalities and features such as the mapping of laminates information, derived from CAD-based software, to discipline specific FE mesh model. This procedure leads to the lossless assignment of material orientation, material definition, element thickness per layer, and element orientation per layer. Within, META the user can modify material properties to re-evaluate the failure criteria.

Usually it is needed to test different set ups for different cases. The Common model concept offers breakthrough solutions to everlasting problems in CAE such as, the need to build-up, maintain and update multiple models per disciplines, work on data from different CAD systems, and receive the information for connectivity from different sources. Through ANSA it is now possible to have one ANSA database which serves as a neutral file carrying all the information enabling the parallelized evolution of a model for multidisciplinary analyses.


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