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The remote working & collaboration platform
that brings together
everyone, anywhere at anytime


Access your office workstation
and work remotely

global collaboration

Global remote
communication & collaboration
in virtual rooms


On-premises, Private
and Secure


Your virtual work-space

Real time voice, text and video communication

Workstation desktop sharing

Remote access to BETA's applications

Full-fledged experience of BETA's Virtual Reality (VR) environment

Why choose NEERE

 - Fully encrypted communication
 - No data transmission outside your private network
 - Enterprise ready solution
 - Easy setup
 - Low system and maintenance requirements
 - Minimal bandwidth usage
 - Customer-oriented software feature implementation
 - Continuous enhancement
 - High-quality after-sales service and technical support


Work-from-Home or bring your global teams together with the new fully-equipped collaboration environment of NEERE.

NEERE is an on-premises, web-based tele-collaboration platform, developed to cover the whole range of needs for real-time hands-on tele-teamwork. It is specially designed and deployed for challenging engineering projects, running on-site, off-site and around the world.

Enjoy a complete toolset to share and control desktop workstations via web-browser, control access, run software, communicate through messages, voice, live videos, and join easy to learn VR environments.
With NEERE you will boost productivity through the direct engagement of users from all over the globe, in a secure, enterprise-ready, multi-OS web platform that ensures security and trustworthiness.

Integrated with ANSA, META, and META VR, NEERE provides a complete communication hub that makes sharing of knowledge and exchange of ideas effortless. Teams with interdisciplinary members can now work together in real-time technical meetings, fostering innovation and reducing virtual product development cycles.

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