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Industrial Equipment and Robotics

Machinery manufacturing was a central player in the industrial evolution and continues to fuel economic and technological development. In a highly competitive industry in which companies need to deliver highly specialized products and services, manufacturers face climbing raw material costs and environmental regulations such as emission control. Meanwhile the manufacturing sector enters a transformation period with a focus on product and process innovation. More competitive costs structures are pursued while the sector continues to shift towards more collaboration with suppliers and customers. As a result, industrial equipment should fulfill more demanding requirements and CAE has already been established as a critical process in the design of Industrial equipment.

Solutions Highlights

BETA CAE Systems offers advanced solutions for effective simulation pre- and post- processing through the ANSA / META suite. The solutions offered can cover all pre- and post- processing processes for limitless simulations such as, analysis of various mechanisms, weight reduction and optimization for components, cooling systems analyses, vibration analyses, thermal analyses and flow, durability analyses on equipment.

ANSA pre-processor offers state-of-the-art meshing capabilities that easily meet the meshing requirements and quality criteria for both shell and solid mesh in less than 75% of the time needed by other software. In ANSA, the mesh quality can be easily checked and identified violating elements are isolated and fixed manually or automatically. META, stands out as a pre-processor for its ability to easily handle multiple models data, its top 3D graphics, and its performance.

Thermal transfer and heat flow analyses are very common in the development of sensitive parts and electronics. Within ANSA the engineers can set up models for analyses for numerous solvers such as RADTHERM and THESEUS through the exclusive solving decks. ANSA advanced CFD capabilities can greatly contribute to capturing the impact of design changes to the performance of a system in terms of airflow. Moreover, radiation studies can also be highly facilitated by employing our suite.

Through the he Kinetics tool of ANSA our users have an advanced Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) solution to perform motion analysis, to study and analyze the dynamics of mechanical systems.

The ANSA and META suite is a standard and robust solution for NVH simulation pre- and post- processing in demanding industries. Studies on rotary dynamics and acoustics analyses can be greatly facilitated. Through ANSA cavity meshing and fluid structure coupling can be used within a single software environment, while modal models components can be effectively handled. META brings a new dimension to the NVH post-processing by successfully addressing the bottlenecks and constrains involved. Its optimized performance for graphics memory usage and processing time along with a broad range of features and calculation options makes it an efficient environment for handling all NVH post-processing requirements.

Data management is one critical factor that contributes to effectiveness and productivity. ANSA offers a centralized data management system, used for the collection and storage, in a structured and hierarchical form, of all engineering data used during the development processes. It assures the effective and efficient data handling throughout projects by streamlining updated model data to engineering teams. CAD definitions are supported for numerous formats such as CATIA V4, CATIA V5, NX PTC Creo (Pro/Engineer), inventor, Solidworks, JT, IDES, STEP, and VDA.

The automation capabilities of our suite are limitless. ANSA Task Manager (an integrated workflow manager) and scripting language provides a unique modeling solution for automated and effective applications. META incorporates a unique range of powerful tools to set up automated 3D and 2D post processing tasks. Special action based language (session), Python programming and user defined toolbars can boost productivity offering limitless automation capabilities.



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