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Computer Aided Engineering is gaining ground in architectures and constructions as the industry tries to better understand the behavior of constructions under different types of loads, and the impact of their designs on the surrounding environment in projects that become more and more complex. BETA CAE Systems ANSA & META pre- and post- processing suite offers a complete toolbox that ensures the facilitation of architectures and constructions studies and accommodates all features and tools required for multidisciplinary analyses in a single environment.

Solutions Highlights

Constructions need to endure different types of loads from winds, earthquakes, occupants, and equipment. Thus, different types of analyses are required. ANSA pre-processor enables the fast and easy generation of ready-to-run models for structural analysis. The capabilities of ANSA pre- processor for setting up a model have constituted it a leading solution for the Architectures and Constructions.

Data management is one of the most critical factors that contribute to effectiveness and productivity due to the enormous data involved in the architectures and constructions projects. ANSA offers a centralized data management system, used for the collection and storage, in a structured and hierarchical form, of all engineering data used during the development processes. It assures the effective and efficient data handling throughout projects by streamlining updated model data to engineering teams. CAD definitions are supported for numerous formats such as CATIA V4, CATIA V5, NX PTC Creo (Pro/Engineer), Inventor, SolidWorks, JT, IDES, STEP, and VDA.

As buildings and infrastructure designs become more complex, so do the geometries involved. ANSA pre-processor offers state-of-the-art meshing capabilities through the integrated batch meshing tool that leads to controllable and effortless optimal results for both shell and solid meshing. The resulting shell and volume elements models easily meet the meshing requirements and quality criteria in less than 75% of the time needed by other software.

CFD studies for analyzing the performance of constructions, their aerodynamics, and their effect on their surroundings or studies on subway ventilation systems, turbulence modeling, natural ventilation, and exhaust gases dispersion are very common. ANSA, with its powerful functionality provides high efficiency solutions for CFD applications. Its capabilities meet the industry’s demanding needs for external and internal flow simulations. It is the choice of the leaders in CFD simulations in various Industries such as automotive, motorsports, and aerospace. To reduce the model set up time the powerful surface wrapping tool is also available allowing for the creation of a fully watertight model at a fraction of the time that would be required in the traditional surface meshing approach, regardless the complexity of the geometry involved. A very robust algorithm ensures high quality layers generation all around complex model geometries. Additionally, engineers can map results from a CFD analysis on a structural mesh to calculate deformations and then morph the model to the deformed position to perform static analyses.

The ANSA and META suite is a standard and robust solution for NVH simulation pre- and post- processing for the architectures and constructions industry. Studies on acoustics or seismic loads can be greatly facilitated. Through ANSA, cavity meshing and fluid structure coupling can be used within a single software environment, while modal models components can be effectively handled. META brings a new dimension to the NVH post-processing by successfully addressing the bottlenecks and constrains involved. Its optimized performance for graphics memory usage and processing time along with a broad range of features and calculation options makes it an efficient environment for handling all NVH post-processing requirements.

Selected Cases

Actiflow BV – Building wind comfort study  


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