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In the highly competitive consumer segment the pressure on prices has driven the leading manufacturers to focus on innovation. Classic tools are reinvented to achieve a more ergonomic design while efforts are also made to offer lighter products with reduced vibrations. The professional segment dominates the industry and is characterized by the willingness of the professionals to pay premium prices to secure more durable tools of high quality. To accomplish their goals, the manufacturers find in CAE the opportunity to significantly reduce research and design costs. BETA CAE Systems has a long-lasting tradition as a pioneer pre- and post- processor software provider through which advanced functionality offer a complete solution for any simulation from durability and fatigue or drop tests, to thermal performance analyses.

Solutions Highlights

As the industry focuses on more ergonomic designs, the geometries become more complex. ANSA pre-processor offers state-of-the-art geometry handling capabilities. Geometric entities are easily handled and manipulated by numerous integrated tools and geometrical errors are automatically identified, isolated and fixed, while depending on the mesh requirements the geometry can be automatically simplified.

ANSA offers unmatched mesh generation speed and the ability to cover even the most demanding quality criteria. In ANSA the mesh quality can be easily checked and identified violating elements are isolated and fixed manually or automatically. META, stands out as a pre-processor for its ability to easily handle multiple models data, its top 3D graphics, and its performance.

The solutions of our suite for weight optimizations greatly facilitate such studies, and offer the opportunity to reduce costs and product development cycles. ANSA couples directly with the established optimizers offering also the automatic meshing quality improvement of the optimized model. Additionally, the morphing capabilities of ANSA offer the ability to perform morphing on both geometry and FE meshes with automatic mesh reconstruction according to the desired quality criteria.

The ANSA and META suite is a standard and robust solution for NVH simulation pre- and post- processing. Through ANSA, cavity meshing and fluid structure coupling can be used within a single software environment, while modal models components can be effectively handled. META brings a new dimension to the NVH post-processing by successfully addressing the bottlenecks and constrains involved. Its optimized performance for graphics memory usage and processing time along with a broad range of features and calculation options makes it an efficient environment for handling all NVH post-processing requirements.

Thermal transfer and heat flow analyses are also very common in the industry. Within ANSA the engineers can set up models for analyses for numerous solvers such as RADTHERM and THESEUS through the exclusive solving decks. The advanced CFD capabilities offered can greatly contribute to capturing the impact of design changes to the performance of a system in terms of airflow.

ANSA integrated workflow manager and the capabilities offered through scripting provide a unique modeling solution for automation minimizing design cycles while META, action based language (sessions), Python programming, and user defined toolbars, boost productivity offering limitless automation capabilities.

Selected Cases

ANSA pre-process for TTI power tools cae application  

Saw stop-mechanism explicit dynamic analysis


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