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The power industry is expected to experience significant transformations within the coming years. Alternative sources of energy are expected to become "game changers" and new technologies for energy efficiency measures are already a focus. Moreover, the renewables sector is flourishing as wind farms and solar parks experience a dynamic growth.

Computer Aided Engineering is already playing an important role in the energy industry in the development of efficient energy plants and infrastructure. In designing Nuclear plants, vibrations analyses to study the effects of earthquakes are a common safety test. Gas and steam turbines are vigorously studied to develop optimal designs. Windmills require also multidisciplinary analyses due to the nature of the loads they need to endure. Offshore oil and gas platforms are also robustly studied since regulations become more and more demanding and drilling is moves to deeper waters.

Solutions Highlights

BETA CAE Systems ANSA / META pre- and post- processing suite offers complete solutions for the setup of ready to run models and the post-processing of the results. The solutions our suite offers constitute it a leading package for pre- and post-processing for the energy sector.

ANSA offers the optimum solution to cover the even the most demanding meshing quality requirements for both shell and solid meshes accomplished either manually or through powerful automation capabilities in just 75% of the time needed by any other available software. META, stands out as a pre-processor for its ability to easily handle multiple models data, its top 3D graphics, and its performance. Our suite offers a unique solution for facilitating the analyses on the behavior of structures, such as windmills and offshore constructions, under multiple load types.

The ANSA / META pre- and post- processing suite is the choice of the leaders in CFD simulations in various industries. Through the ANSA / META suite, the engineer can map pressure or temperature results from a CFD simulation to a FEA model. NVH pre- and post- processing, for example, for assessing structures under vibrating loads, create studies on rotary dynamics, or perform acoustics analyses can be greatly facilitated. Through the kinetics tool of ANSA our users have an advanced Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) solution to perform motion analysis, to study and analyze the dynamics of complex assemblies.

Advanced capabilities in handling composite materials are offered through numerous functionalities and features, such as the mapping of laminates information, derived from CAD-based software, to discipline specific FE mesh models. This procedure leads to the lossless assignment of material orientation, material definition, element thickness per layer, and element orientation per layer. Within, META the user can modify material properties to re-evaluate the failure criteria.

Optimization studies are now an easy task using ANSA and META pre- and post- processors. ANSA couples directly with the established optimizers offering also the automatic meshing quality improvement of the optimized model.


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