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CAE is already playing an important role to the design of engineering processes. In most cases these processes should be studied on their effectiveness and on their equipment. As a result, during the design of such processes, analyses on numerous disciplines, such as CFD, thermal, and structural and fatigue on equipment take place. BETA CAE Systems through its ANSA / META pre- and post- processing suite offers a unique solution for modeling such processes through its multidisciplinary nature, offering the opportunity to complete the model set up process in an easy yet robust way in one environment.

Solutions Highlights

ANSA, through a dedicated deck, offers powerful functionality for high efficiency solutions for the pre-processing of molding simulations. Through its advance functionality for modeling tasks such as, the automatic and robust mesh area simplification and de-featuring, the flexible hexahedral boxes for the automatic refinement of specific regions, the shell mesh clean up tools, and the mesh quality control, plastic part manufacturers can integrate simulation into the product development process, find defects in the early design stage and reduce cost and time to market.

CDF analyses take place in a variety of engineering processes design especially in the chemical and petrochemical industries. ANSA provides high efficiency solutions for CFD applications. Its capabilities meet the industry’s demanding needs for external and internal flow simulations, increasing productivity and contributing to high quality CFD results. It covers all the CFD pre-processing needs in a single environment, it provides and combines both high quality and "push button" meshing approaches, and it eliminates the use of task-specific software. All in all, it significantly minimizes costs and saves valuable time by offering a common pre-processing platform for numerous CFD & FEA codes. META, offers an extremely fast reading and processing solution in handling large data sets ensuring maximum productivity. Through its numerous validated analysis tools and automation capabilities, engineers using META can avoid valuable time-consuming data mining and focus their engineering judgment on important facts.

Additionally, engineers can map results from a CFD analysis on a structural mesh to calculate deformations and then morph the model to the deformed position to perform static analyses.

Thermal transfer and heat flow analyses are also very common in the design of processes. Within ANSA the engineers can set up models for analyses for numerous solvers such as RADTHERM and THESEUS through the exclusive solving decks. ANSA advanced CFD capabilities can greatly contribute to capturing the impact of design changes to the performance of a system in terms of airflow. Moreover, radiation studies can also be highly facilitated by employing our suite.


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