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Maritime Design

Today new faster commercial vessels, with increased capacity, that will allow the reduction of operating costs by achieving economies of scale, are in demand and the need for new vessels design with minimum costs makes CAE the central player in Maritime design. The simulations that take place in the industry are numerous and multidisciplinary. Examples include, ship collision analyses, analyses on durability and fatigue, underwater shock analyses, design of weight efficient ships and behavior of vessels on different types of waves.

BETA CAE Systems ANSA / META suite offers solutions that cover the advanced needs of the industry and through its advanced capabilities in pre- and post- processing greatly contribute to costs reduction during research and design processes. From CAD data to ready-to-run models, using our suite, CAE processes become fast, easy, and less time consuming while its complete multidisciplinary set up capabilities make possible the setup of almost any type of analyses in a single environment.

Solutions Highlights

ANSA pre-processor offers advanced options for geometry handling. Geometric entities are easily handled by numerous integrated tools and geometrical errors are automatically identified, isolated and fixed, while depending on the mesh requirements the geometry can be automatically simplified. A variety of functions allows for a fully automated extraction of the middle surface and the assignment of nodal thickness for parts of any complexity.

ANSA pre-processor’s meshing capabilities easily meet and exceed the meshing requirements for both shell and solid mesh faster than any other commercial available software. Among the advanced meshing capabilities of ANSA, the generation of meshes resolving different length scales of several orders of magnitude, and the automatic refinement on curvature, sharp edges, and critical areas. The quality of the mesh is easily evaluated using the available quality criteria and violating elements are isolated and can be fixed manually or automatically.

The ANSA / META pre- and post- processing suite is the choice of the leaders in CFD simulations in various industries. ANSA offers the ability to generate curvature dependent surface meshes with user controlled growth rate, and a very robust algorithm that ensures high quality layers generation all around complex model geometries. Additionally, through the ANSA / META suite, the engineer can map pressure or temperature results from a CFD simulation to a FEA model.

Composite materials are increasingly infiltrating almost every industry. Studies analyses similar to this for the crashworthiness of a racing yacht’s mast are becoming common. The ANSA / META suite offers a complete solution in composite materials modeling. These solutions are realized through numerous functionalities and features such as the mapping of laminates information, derived from CAD-based software, to discipline specific FE mesh model. This procedure leads to the lossless assignment of material orientation, material definition, element thickness per layer, and element orientation per layer. Within, META the user can modify material properties to re-evaluate the failure criteria.

Optimization studies now become easier than ever. ANSA couples directly with the established optimizers offering also the automatic meshing quality improvement of the optimized model. The morphing tool of ANSA offers the ability to control model and fluid mesh simultaneously and to perform shaping with automatic mesh reconstruction according to the desired quality criteria.

ANSA offers a wide range of multiple semi- and fully- automated tools for the creation of welding models and contact definitions. Through the connection manager multiple connection type definitions are realized in a single step saving valuable time.

Our suite offers powerful automation capabilities. ANSA Task Manager (an integrated workflow manager) and scripting language provide a unique modeling solution for automated and effective applications. META provides the analyst with a unique range of powerful tools to set up automated 3D and 2D post processing tasks. Special action based language (session), Python programming and user defined toolbars can boost productivity offering limitless automation capabilities.

Our suite offers additional solutions to standard processes in the Maritime industry. These solutions include the Waterline calculations to determine the level of cargo in a tank, Sinusoidal or Trochoidal wave profile definitions through 3D curves or faces, the static position of the ship on the wave -calculated through ANSA scripting-, and the easy definition of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) elements.


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Selected Cases

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Full Scale Ship Collision Simulation Using ANSA & META  

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