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Offshore Structures

As worlds’ energy demand continues to grow, drilling has already started to move towards deep waters. The extraction of fossil fuels from areas with harsh conditions pose new threats and thus the equipment needs to be designed to sustain in such conditions. On the other hand, offshore wind energy is integrated to governments’ future energy and climate protection policies making wind farms a popular energy solution. As such constructions need to endure various types of loads from winds, earthquakes, occupants, and equipment, different types of analyses are required. ANSA / META pre- and post- processing suite greatly facilitates these analyses by offering advanced effective solutions of increased performance.

Solutions Highlights

BETA CAE Systems ANSA / META pre- and post- processing suite offers a complete toolkit to transform your CAE processes in any analysis involved in the design of offshore constructions. Through our suite the engineers can easily set up ready to run models for analyses such as on the interaction of the structure and the sea or wind, statics analyses for the offshore models, thermal analyses, fatigue, and extreme load studies.

The geometry handling capabilities of our pre-processor through the numerous integrated tools offer the effective and facilitated manipulation of even the most complex geometries. Geometrical errors can be automatically identified, isolated, fixed, or simplified based on the mesh requirements while the middle surface skin can be automatically extracted for parts of any complexity and with the nodal thickness assigned.

ANSA is a perfect solution to cover the even the most demanding meshing quality requirements for both shell and solid meshes. Among the advanced meshing capabilities of ANSA, the generation of meshes resolving different length scales of several orders of magnitude, and the automatic refinement on curvature, sharp edges, and critical areas. The quality of the mesh is easily evaluated using the available quality criteria and violating elements can be isolated and can be fixed manually or automatically.

ANSA offers powerful functionality in setting up a ready to run model for CFD analyses to study the performance of offshore constructions. Its capabilities meet the industry’s demanding needs for external and internal flow simulations. A notable solution that reduces the model set up time is the powerful surface wrapping tool that allows the creation of a fully watertight model at a fraction of the time that would be required by the traditional surface meshing approach, regardless the complexity of the geometry involved. A very robust algorithm ensures high quality layers generation all around complex model geometries.

The ANSA and META suite is a standard and robust solution for NVH simulation pre- and post- processing in demanding industries. Studies on rotary dynamics and acoustics analyses can be greatly facilitated. Through ANSA cavity meshing and fluid structure coupling can be used within a single software environment, while modal models components can be effectively handled. META brings a new dimension to the NVH post-processing by successfully addressing the bottlenecks and constrains involved. Its optimized performance for graphics memory usage and processing time along with a broad range of features and calculation options makes it an efficient environment for handling all NVH post-processing requirements.

Optimization studies for design analyses on equipment such as valves and chocks become now easier than ever. Our suite couples directly with the established optimizers offering also the automatic meshing quality improvement of the optimized model according to the desired quality criteria.

Through the kinetics tool of ANSA our users have an advanced Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) solution to model entire systems in an effective and robust way. Moreover, ANSA and META offer additional solutions to standard processes in the offshore industry. The calculation of offshore platforms displacement and of the corresponding waterline is available as is the calculation of static position upon a wave design. Moreover, Sinusoidal and Trochoidal waver with user specified parameters can be easily created within ANSA, while smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) elements can be easily created in ANSA.


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