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BETA CAE Systems ANSA / META pre- and post- processing suite has become an established standard for the CAE processes of renowned manufacturers in the Aerospace industry. The solutions our suite offers, and have been successfully applied in the automotive industry for 20 years, have also found extensive application in Aerospace and through additional solutions, tools, and features ANSA and META pre- and post- processors have become the most advanced option for CAE engineers in the Aerospace industry.

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BETA CAE Systems is proud to share that is successfully accepted on to JOSCAR and is recognised as a fully compliant supplier for several companies and organisations of the aerospace, defence and security industry. BETA CAE Systems International satisfies all the requirements to be fully registered on the JOSCAR supplier accreditation register, as set out by participating buying organisations. More information about JOSCAR are available by Hellios.

Solutions Highlights

Among the advanced meshing capabilities of ANSA for CFD analyses are: the generation of meshes resolving different length scales of several orders of magnitude, the automatic refinement on curvature, sharp edges and critical areas, the unstructured volume meshing with tetra or hexa-dominant/polyhedral elements, and the pure hexa mesh generation. Moreover, a very robust algorithm ensures high quality layers generation all around complex model geometries.

Weight optimizations are now an easy task using ANSA and META pre- and post- processors. ANSA couples directly with the established optimizers offering also automatic meshing quality improvement on the optimized model. The morphing capabilities of ANSA offer the ability to perform morphing on both geometry and FE meshes with automatic mesh reconstruction according to the desired quality criteria. Additionally, engineers can map results from a CFD analysis on a structural mesh to calculate deformations and then morph the model to the deformed position to perform static analyses.

Composite materials play an important role in weight reduction efforts and failure prediction studies on composite materials are becoming increasingly important. The ANSA / META suite offers a complete solution in composite materials modeling. These solutions are realized through numerous functionalities and features such as the mapping of laminates information, derived from CAD-based software, to discipline specific FE mesh model. This procedure leads to the lossless assignment of material orientation, material definition, element thickness per layer, and element orientation per layer. Within, META the user can modify material properties to re-evaluate the failure criteria.

Fuel tanks analyses and unused fuel prediction studies are also supported in ANSA. The simulation of the filling or emptying process of a closed tank predicts among others the total volume and wetted surface, the 3D curve representation of levels, and the 2D filling curve at various user defined inclinations and filling points. The detection of settled fuel residues in the fuel tanks is greatly facilitated through the use of the Volume Traps tool.

Through the he kinetics tool of ANSA our users have an advanced Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) solution to perform motion analysis, to study and analyze the dynamics of mechanical systems, such as landing gears.


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