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Electronics systems are used in almost every industry including automotive, aerospace, defense, computers and storage devices, and consumer electronics. The challenges however are many and the fast pace in their development makes CAE important in the efforts to design new products while same time reducing the designing cycle. Electronics systems need to have increased sustainability and function under harsh and rapidly changing conditions such as those in automobiles where humidity and significant variations in temperature take place. Moreover the increased power density requires analytical studies on thermal flows in electronic devices. The complexity of the designs in products poses additional challenges while the multiple load types that these devices must endure makes simulations vital.

Solutions Highlights

BETA CAE Systems offers advanced solutions for the electronics industry through its ANSA / META pre- and post- processing suite. Our pre-processor facilitates model set up from CAD input to ready-to-run models for multiple disciplines such as durability and fatigue, impact, CFD, and NVH, while META post- processor offers a unique solution for efficient post-processing.

ANSA meshing capabilities have made it a leading solution in CAE industry due to its unmatched mesh generation speed and its ability to cover even the most demanding quality criteria. In ANSA, the mesh quality can be easily checked and identified violating elements are isolated and fixed manually or automatically. META, stands out as a pre-processor for its ability to easily handle multiple models data, its top 3D graphics, and its performance.

Studies for drop tests and packaging are greatly facilitated through ANSA through its functionality that allows to perform the required tasks in less time and in a much easier manner. The interoperable solver Interfaces allows for the easily conversion from one solver input to another providing superb flexibility. Numerous semi and fully automatic tools are available for the creation of model assemblies while the wizard driven assistants for complicated tasks, such as defining load cases, further facilitate pre-processing. META features a complete integrated graphics tool for post processing which exhibits unparalleled speed and enables correlation studies with real videos and procedure automation. Through ANSA, analyses on acoustics and vibrations can be greatly facilitated. Cavity meshing and fluid structure coupling can be used within a single software environment, while modal models components can be effectively handled.

Thermal transfer and heat flow analyses are very common in the development of electronic applications. Within ANSA the engineers can set up models for analyses for numerous solvers such as RADTHERM and THESEUS through the exclusive solving decks. ANSA advanced CFD capabilities can greatly contribute to capturing the impact of design changes to the performance of a system in terms of airflow.

ANSA integrated workflow manager and the capabilities offered through scripting provide a unique modeling solution for automation minimizing design cycles. META, action based language (sessions), Python programming, and user defined toolbars, boost productivity offering limitless automation capabilities.


ANSA ECAD Importer brochure  

ECAD Importer: A gateway to FEA simulations for PCBs 

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