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Trucks and Buses

The increasing fuel prices offer an opportunity for the bus industry since more and more people opt for public transportation as an alternative to using their car. Bus travel in urban areas has also an advantage as an investment choice for the communities since it is not connected with huge investments such as those for the rail and metro transportation systems. On the other hand, the growing trends in the emerging markets pose gravitation to truck manufacturers towards heavier trucks while regulations on emissions and safety also create the need for new and innovative products.

ANSA & META pre- and post- processing suite offers advanced solutions for multidisciplinary analyses. With more than 20 years of successful application and advanced discipline specific tools for durability and fatigue, crash and safety, NVH, CFD, and its state of the art meshing and automation capabilities, our suite has been established as the choice of the leaders in the CAE industry.

Solutions Highlights

ANSA offers a complete solution for setting up models for running safety simulations such as the mandatory ECE R66. For such an analysis ANSA can be effectively used for tipping the body to initial contact with the road plane, set up the contacts, calculate the initial velocities, set up the gravity load, and export a ready to run model for a number of solvers.

With its complete solution package for meshing, assembly, contacts definition, and boundary conditions set-up, ANSA becomes the most efficient solution for powertrain pre-processing. On top of the unmatched meshing capabilities and the geometrical feature treatment, the connections modeling through representations and automatic definitions makes assembly modeling easier than ever. ANSA offers a wide range of multiple semi- and fully- automated tools for the creation of welding models and contact definitions. Through the connection manager multiple connection type definitions are realized in a single step saving valuable time. META offers also a complete solution for powertrain. It stands out from the competition due to its organization capabilities, the variety of tools for the assessment of the results, the available functionalities for the identification of the areas of interest and hot spots, the tools for direct calculations based on solver results, the options for the communication of the results, and for its automation capabilities.

For performing motion analyses, to analyze the dynamics of mechanical systems, such as suspensions, the Kinetics tool of ANSA offers an advanced Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) solution. The implemented tire modeling solution, through the available tire models, provides the capability to study the interaction between tires and road surfaces.

Our suite offers powerful automation capabilities. ANSA Task Manager (an integrated workflow manager) and scripting language provide a unique modeling solution for automated and effective applications. META provides the analyst with a unique range of powerful tools to set up automated 3D and 2D post processing tasks. Special action based language (session), Python programming and user defined toolbars can boost productivity offering limitless automation capabilities.

The Common model concept offers breakthrough solutions to everlasting problems in CAE such as, the need to build-up, maintain and update multiple models per disciplines, work on data from different CAD systems, and receive the information for connectivity from different sources. Through ANSA it is now possible to have one ANSA database which serves as a neutral file carrying all the information enabling the parallelized evolution of a model for multidisciplinary analyses.

Selected Cases

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