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White Papers & Presentations

Process and Data Management

Integrating Teamcenter Simulation Process Management with ANSA

Simulation Model and Run Management

Multivariant / Multidiscipline Model Build Up using ANSA

Modular Run Management

Model comparison in ANSA & META

Process Automation

An introduction to the BETA GUI Development Library 

Automation Capabilities in META: Post-Toolbars

Results-based mesh refinement with ANSA / META pre- and post- processing suite

Crash and Safety

Solutions for Crash & Safety

ANSA Model Checks for LS-DYNA

Dummy positioning and restraining using ANSA & META

META Post-Processor Toolbars for Crash and Safety

Pre-processing tools for Interior Safety simulation in ANSA

Pre- & post-processing tools in ANSA & META for Pedestrian Safety simulation

Increasing passive safety performance using an automatic CAE methodology

HBM positioning using Articulation and Marionette tools

The Occupant Injury Criteria tool


ANSA & META for Squeak and Rattle model set up and analysis with the E-LINE method

Acoustic cavity meshing techniques


ANSA & META for Fatigue analyses

Model set up for MSC Nastran Embedded Fatigue (NEF)

Integrated Verity® weld definition tool for ANSA users


ANSA and META for exterior noise analyses with ACTRAN

Tire Simulation

Tire simulations pre- & post- processing

Vehicle tire simulation using ANSA & META

Thermal Analysis

Set up of a RadTherm case in ANSA


ANSA & META features for CFD - presentation

CFD case study of the DrivAer model with ANSA and OpenFOAM

University of Pisa: Application of ANSA optimization tools to automotive HVAC system

WR Digital adopts ANSA for Complete and Successful Motor Racing CFD Modeling

CFD Progetti - Integration of ANSA in an Open-Source Environment


References to ANSA and META in the CFD literature


The FiberSIM® Analysis InterfaceTM for ANSA

Composite Materials Multi Objective Optimization using ANSA, META and modeFRONTIER


Beam Section Optimization tool: a BiW optimization case 

Optimization process for products made with Additive Manufacturing 

EnginSoft: Packaging Optimization driven by parametric morphing: development of an automatic methodology

Volvo Car Corporation: An automated approach to speed up concept creation and validation based on flow optimization

Topology and Shape optimisation using the Tosca-ANSA Environment

ANSA & META for Nastran Solution 200

Optimisation of Spotwelds distribution using ANSA and META

Coupling ANSA to LS-OPT® for optimisation applications

ANSA, LS-OPT®, META: A complete software set for optimisation

Composite Materials Multi Objective Optimization using ANSA, META and modeFRONTIER

Design Optimization using Fluid-Structure Interaction and Kinematics Analyses

Multibody Dynamics

ANSA KINETICS tool for Multi Body Dynamics

Introduction to the ANSA Kinetics Tool

ANSA Kinetics Tool tutorial: Contact Simulation of a Valvetrain mode

Molding Analysis

ANSA & META for Injection Molding simulation

Overview of ANSA and Moldex3D Coupling

Inverse Forming

One-step sheet metal forming with the aid of the ANSA Inverse Forming Tool


Model set-up for Abaqus/Standard - Abaqus/Explicit Co-Simulation with ANSA

Results mapping with ANSA

Virtual Reality & Visualization

META performance enhancements 

Virtual Reality in META 

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