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November 29, 2016

BETA CAE Systems announces the release of
SPDRM v1.2.1




About this Release

BETA CAE Systems announces the release of SPDRM v1.2.1.

This version delivers a number of enhancements and several resolved known issues, to the users of the most advanced Simulation Process Data and Resources Management tool.

The most important software enhancements and code corrections are listed below.


Known Issues Resolved
Documentation Updates
Supported platforms and System Requirements

Enhancements in SPDRM v1.2.1

Process Management

It is now possible to massively re-assign tasks through the "Process Instance List", or the "MxN Instances" list.

It is now possible to add process variables as columns in the "Process Instance List", providing the ability to sort and filter processes based on their variables.

The nodes are now sorted (by default) according to their sequence in the workflow.

The state of running nodes, will be automatically changed to "Pre Finished" (for script nodes), or "Paused" (application nodes) during login.

Deletion of running nodes, or workflows that contain running nodes is prevented.

The estimated duration of nodes can be also calculated automatically, based on the average duration of previous executions.

Data Management

Added support for the definition of components from multiple include files. This functionality may be used to describe components that consist of several files (e.g. seats, belts, etc.).

From now on, the system keeps automatically process related meta-data to all data objects that are generated through a process, in order to create data-process relationships.

The overview and navigation to simulation models has been improved by supporting the display of the contents of the "Simulation_Models" containers in table format, on the right side of the Data Manager window. This feature adds also the possibility to filter simulation models based on their attributes.

A new configuration option controls whether to allow the import of files and folders that have a space in their file/folder name, or not.

A new configuration option has been added that enables the system administrator to globally define the target vault during importing library items.

A toolbar has been added in the "History" tab that provides the basic actions for zooming on the history graph.

An option has been added that enables the display of the contents of DM items (e.g. Simulation Models), in the "Contents" tab of their parent DM item (e.g. Simulation Model Version).

It is now possible to display more than one property and/or attribute as additional info next to the DM item name (comma separated).

Resources Management

It is now possible to associate mimetypes for DM items with particular file extensions.

Copy of existing mimetypes is supported.

From now on, the system suggests a list with Tools/Windows to be accessed by the newly created roles, which covers the basic functionality that a "standard" role should have in SPDRM.


New script functions have been added to acquire a license manager feature by name, and to release it when the script is over. So, the script developer makes sure that the script will not be executed if the feature with the provided name does not exist.

New script function added that invokes the "Properties" window for DM items and Rich Library Items.

It is now possible to control the access on script actions.


It is now possible to filter by name the list of the "Column Selection" dialog, and to reset to the default settings for visible columns.

Improvements took place regarding the navigation to MxN instances.


Known Issues Resolved in SPDRM v1.2.1

Process Management

The runtime values of unconnected input slots were cleared, during the execution of a previous node of the workflow.

The parallel execution with a pre-defined delay and the sequential execution of MxN instances did not work as expected.

In some cases, the process variables of MxN nodes failed to be propagated properly to their runtime instances.

No information about the assignees of the MxN instances was written out in process definition files.

An error could occur when trying to re-assign a node, which was originally assigned to roles.

When multiple connected nodes were selected for copy, theirs connections failed to be copied.

An error could occur when trying to set estimated duration on a newly created node.

The option that sets a node to "flipped" was not written out in the process definition.

The "Check Updates" option was not available for sub-processes, or nodes that were located on the root level of a workflow.

The 'Browse exec directory' option was disabled when the state of the node was 'Paused'.

Data Management

The "Edit" action on a file could upload a new version of it, even if the user did not have sufficient privileges (i.e. modify) on its parent folder.

In some cases, the "Edit" option was disabled, even if the user had sufficient privileges (i.e. view) on the selected file.

No context menu was available on linked directories in the DM structure, when accessing them through the "Favourites" container.

An error could occur when trying to get the list of updates for a rich library item.

Failed to display the contents of the "Components" containers (i.e. table view), when they were stored under the "Archives" container.

An error could occur when trying to "Add to Favourites" an archived DM item.

Filter rules based on the "File Size” did not work properly when searching for entities.

Filter rules based on the "Creation Date” did not work properly when using the "between” operator, while searching for entities.

The history graph failed to display properly information about simulation models that belonged to different branches of the data tree (e.g. different teams).

The rich library items were not listed in the "Export SPDRM DM Package" dialog. Thus, they could not be massively exported for data migration purposes.

Problems were identified when multiple ANSA sessions were trying to save the same component simultaneously.

In some cases, the export of component files under the "Structure" exported DM path could fail.

Resources Management

Several problems were fixed in the mimetypes import.

A problem with the case sensitivity was identified in the list of mimetypes.


The function dm.getDMItemSPDRMAttributes failed to return the SPDRM attributes for archived data objects.

The script function process.getNodeNameFromNodeId failed to return the node name.


The visibility status and the position of several windows of SPDRM Client were not correctly recalled after restart.

The toolbar buttons for "Process Library", "Properties" and "Palette" were active, even if the user did not have access rights on these windows.


Documentation Updates

Updated Documents

Updated installation guide.

Updated process template.


Supported Platforms and System Requirements

The server software of SPDRM is currently available on Linux and MS Windows 64bits.

The client software of SPDRM is running under 64bit flavours of Linux and MS Windows.

The software requires a different license key to the rest of the products of BETA CAE Systems. This license key should be incorporated into the same license file, if such is already installed, and requires beta_lm, the proprietary license manager of BETA CAE Systems.

For details, refer to the System Requirements document.



All files required for the installation of this version reside in the folder named: "SPDRM_v1.2.1" and are dated as of November 29, 2016.

These files should replace any pre-releases or other files downloaded, which had a date-stamp earlier to the above.

Customers who are served directly by BETA CAE Systems, or its subsidiaries, may download the new software and documentation from their account on our server. They can access their account through the "user login" link at our web site. Contact us if you miss your account details.

The [ PublicDir ] link will give you access to the public downloads area.

Customers who are served by a local business agent should contact the local support channel for software distribution details.

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