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2022 年 6 月 1 日

BETA CAE Systems 宣布其新办公室在广州落成

BETA CAE Systems 宣布进一步扩大其在华南地区的业务,并在广州设立新办事处。这一重要举动的目的是为在该地区的客户提升客户服务体验,并继续扩大我们在中国市场的软件部署。

"BETA CAE Systems 中国有效地将其业务定位在深圳附近 – 全球硬件之都” BETA CAE Systems中国区执行董事李雅昆如是说, “这个新办公室的战略定位是支持粤港澳大湾区建设带来的新机遇"。

BETA CAE Systems 中国区总经理 Elias Mezitis 补充道:"随着我们在该地区的业务快速扩张,这个新办公室自然而然地应运而生”, “忠于我们的高水平客户服务行为准则,这个新办公室不仅将支持这种不断扩大的业务,而且还将有助于我们实现持续的使命:使工程师能够通过工程仿真提供高价值的结果".

关于BETA CAE Systems中国公司

BETA CAE Systems China Ltd. 总部位于北京,是BETA CAE Systems International AG 的子公司。其使命是扩大客户基础并为 BETA 的软件组合提供高级支持。 BETA CAE Systems 中国由精心挑选的工程专家组成,并与当地的商业渠道合作,确保客户满意度并从 CAE 部署中获得更多收益。

关于 BETA CAE Systems International AG.

BETA CAE Systems International AG 总部位于瑞士,提供领先的工程仿真解决方案,业务遍及全球。该公司的软件套件,包括工程师最喜欢的 ANSA 和 META软件,在过去 20 年中在多种行业(尤其是汽车行业)中保持着全球领先地位。

CN Flag of China  |  EN English flag

June 1, 2022

BETA CAE Systems announces the launch of
its new office in Guangzhou, China

BETA CAE Systems announces the further expansion of its presence to South China, with the establishment of a new office in Guangzhou. This important step was taken with the aim to enhance the customers service experience for our customers in the region, and to continue to expand the deployment of our software in the market of China.

"BETA CAE Systems China effectively position its presence near Shenzhen; the global hardware capital” says Yakun Li, Managing Director of BETA CAE Systems China. “This new office is strategically positioned to support the new opportunities the construction of the Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macau Greater Bay Area will bring".

"This new office comes naturally as our operations in the region expand in a rapid pace”, adds Elias Mezitis, Managing Director of BETA CAE Systems China. “Staying loyal to our code of conduct for high level customer care, this new office will not only support this expanding presence, but it will also contribute to our efforts towards the ongoing mission: to enable engineers deliver results of high value through engineering simulation".

About BETA CAE Systems China Ltd.

BETA CAE Systems China Ltd., headquartered in Beijing, is a subsidiary of BETA CAE Systems International AG. Its mission is to broaden the customer basis and offer high-level support for BETA's software portfolio. Staffed with carefully selected experts, and in co-operation with the local business channel, BETA CAE Systems China assures customer satisfaction and increased benefits from CAE deployment.

About BETA CAE Systems International AG

BETA CAE Systems International AG, headquartered in Switzerland, is a leading provider of engineering simulation solutions, with global presence and activity. The company's software suite, which includes the engineers' favorite programs ANSA and META, holds a worldwide leading position across a range of industries, especially the Automotive, for the last 20 years.

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