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The flagship product, ANSA ⁄ META CAE pre- & post-processing suite is extensively deployed in many industries, including the automotive, motorsports, aerospace, defence, energy, maritime, offshore, etc.

ANSA is a multidisciplinary CAE pre-processing system that integrates functionality for full-model build up, from CAD data to ready-to-run solver input file for numerous analysis codes. Its rich automated functionality provides a uniquely productive modelling environment.
META is a multi-purpose CAE post-processing software that provides a broad range of functionality for analysing and reporting results from numerous solvers. Its innovative features, with high level of automation and customization, offer solutions with industry leading performance.

The combined and fully integrated ANSA / MΕΤΑ suite is the preferred choice of Industry worldwide as it seeks exceptional performance to impact its product development processes. Benchmarks performed by OEMs and their suppliers have shown 35% to 96% CAE process performance improvement over competitive software. At the same time, the resulting model quality improved by up to 60%.

Moreover ANSA & MΕΤΑ customers are seeing a Return-On-Investment (ROI) increase ranging from 60% to 98%. These results are based on comprehensive business analysis that accounts for the enhanced performance improvement along with all cost components such as software lease and employee costs along with associated training time and costs.

These metrics, which establish the superiority of ANSA & MΕΤΑ’s CAE processes, are confirmed in independent industry benchmarks and testimonials. Our software was proven to be not only the most effective CAE pre- and post-processing tool, but also the only one that could address some of the unique simulation challenges. The speed and versatility of ANSA / META is a result of the synthesis of concepts developed and perfected by BETA CAE Systems. Innovation, performance and robustness have firmly positioned ANSA ⁄ META as the leading CAE pre- and post-processing technology in the Industry for over a decade.

Benchmarks have highlighted the following key ANSA & MΕΤΑ suite features as substantially superior to market alternatives:

  - Best geometry clean-up
  - Faster and correct mid-surface generation
  - CAD data reconstruction capabilities
  - Unique Data Management that allows for Common Modelling and concurrent cases build-up for multiple disciplines
  - Fast and high quality shell and volume meshing, of complex geometries
  - Batch meshing with controllable and predictable results
  - Level of pre-processing automation and customization with Task Manager and Scripting
  - Ingenuity in assembly concepts, methods and techniques, with capability to switch connectivity representations between different solver models
  - Robustness of interfacing with PDM systems with direct model assembly capabilities
  - Model variations comparison and handling
  - Morphing capabilities
  - Robust FEA and CFD modelling for a large number of solvers
  - Highest level of support for large number of solvers, including NASTRAN, Abaqus and LS-DYNA
  - On-the-fly interoperability of the models built for different solvers
  - Integration of tools for crash & safety and integrated multi-body kinetics analysis tool
  - Overall performance of large models post-processing
  - Level of automation and customization in post-processing and reporting
  - Level of integration of software features
  - Level of interoperability with other software, including optimizers
  - Responsiveness of software development for meeting customers’ requests
  - Responsiveness and quality of after-sales support
  - Excellent learning curve and ease of use
  - Highest Return On Investment (ROI)

BETA CAE Systems partners with its customers to deliver unique solutions through the ANSA / META pre- & post-processing suite. These solutions meet the continually evolving needs for the simulation of intricate and large product models in the contemporary Industry.

A guide to the superiority of BETA CAE Systems software suite  

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