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Session 1

An insight to applications based on ANSA to the BMW CAE processes
Josef Fuerfanger1, Marcel Meder1, David Becherer1, Michael Tryfonidis2
1BMW Group, Germany, 2BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece

Latest developments in ANSA
K. Kiouptsidis
BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece

Session 2A

Spotweld modeling with implemented rupture criteria
Jan Morawski1, Beate Lauterbach1, Ilka Schwarzer1, Laia Ramon-Villalonga1, Michael Tryfonidis2
1Adam OPEL AG, Germany, 2BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece

Validate simulation techniques of a mobile explosive containment vessel
David Karlsson
DYNAmore Nordic AB, Sweden

Introduction of JNCAP and the comparison with Euro NCAP
Sadayuki Ujihashi
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Development of automatic or efficient tool for checking crash analysis models by using ANSA
Yoshikazu Nakagawa
Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Automobile R&D Center, Japan

Session 2B

Mapping of pressure distributions and displacements using ANSA and META
Reinhard Wersching
Audi AG Neckarsulm, Germany

Shape optimization for life cycle increase and weight reduction of engine components using TOSCA Structure and ANSA
Georgi Chakmakov
FE-DESIGN Bulgaria OOD, Bulgaria

Research on turbine blade strength and steady state response by Finite Element Method
Jian Sun, Rong Tang, Wei Liu
Beijing FEAonline Engineering Co., Ltd, China

A light commercial vehicle wheel design optimization for weight, NVH and durability considerations
Muslum Yaman, Burak Yegin

Session 3A

ANSA kinematic tool & morphing - enabling conceptual vehicle frontal design for pedestrian safety
Nick Kalargeros, Jack Perry
Jaguar Land Rover Ltd, UK

Multi-objective optimization in crash safety analysis using modeFRONTIER interfaces for ANSA and META
Alberto Clarich1, Zhongli Wen1, Dimitris Georgoulas2, George Korbetis2
1ESTECO SpA, Trieste, Italy, 2BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece

Session 3B

Model checks and results evaluation for strength and durability analysis through automated reports with ANSA & META
Ryota Nishioka1, Antonios Perifanis2
1HONDA R&D Co., Ltd., Japan, 2BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece

Composite model building for automotive CAE
Stuart Davies
Penso Consulting Ltd, UK

Session 4A

Driving multidisciplinary optimization using ANSA - End user case studies
Ravi Nimbalkar1, Robert Lietz2, Christina Nguyen2, Rodolfo Palma2
1BETA CAE Systems USA Inc., USA, 2Ford Motor Company, USA

Important aspects in parametric shape optimization
Christine Schwarz
ISKO engineers, Germany

A vacuum vessel's optimization with ANSA and ISIGHT
Rong Tang, Xing Hao (presented by He Gexue)
Beijing FEAonline Engineering Co., Ltd, China

Session 4B

Concept BiW development using new CAE tools
Wajid Mohammed1, Trivikram Nanjangud2
1Satyam Venture Engineering Services India Pvt. Ltd, India
2Xitadel CAE Technologies India Pvt. Ltd, India

Streamlined process for creating a results-based optimised mesh
Emmanouil Kastrinakis
BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece

Addressing multiple contact modelling in reducers
A. Mihailidis1, I. Neratzis2, E. Athanasopoulos1, C. Tegos1
1Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 2BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece

Session 6A

Virtual Prototyping
Frank Sautter
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft, Germany

Latest developments in META
D. Katramados
BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece

SPDRM v1.0: CAE Workflow Management becomes a reality
Irene Makropoulou
BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece

Session 7A

Advanced interior head impact analyses at Volvo Cars Safety Centre
Anneli Högberg1, Choo Yin Khoo1 2
1Volvo Car Corporation, Sweden, 2XDIN, Sweden

Positioning of car seat structures with ANSA
S. Sinne, F. Richter
Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG, Coburg, Germany

Bird Impact Analysis
Frédérick Jegou
Safran Engineering Services, France

R66 ANSA Toolbox for bus body development
Magnus Hult

Session 7B

Deployment of optimization techniques in the Aero/Thermo development at FORD
Burkhard Hupertz
Ford Werke GmbH, Germany

VSAERO Implementation within the ANSA Environment
Yash Khandhia1*, Anna Robinson2
1Applied Computing & Engineering Ltd., England
2Stark Aerospace, Inc. Analytical Methods Division, USA

Investigation of mesh influence for heat transfer in pipe flow
Björn Jedvik
Semcon Caran AB, Sweden

Applications of ANSA in the Aerodynamic and Aerothermal Development of new models: Experiences at CRF and FGA
Enrico Ribaldone
Centro Ricerche Fiat S.C.p.A., Italy

Session 8A

Safety Model Build Process using Teamcenter-ANSA Integration
Zoran Petrovic1, Ioannis Charalampidis2
1SIEMENS PLM, Germany,2BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece

CAE Data & Process management with ANSA
Srikanth Raghotham
Volvo India Private Limited, Volvo Group Trucks Technology, India

Session 8B

The CFD simulation of the flow around the aircraft using OpenFOAM and ANSA
Adam Kosík
Evektor s.r.o., Czech Republic

Fluid-solid-heat coupling simulation of a furnace
Zimin Zhan, Rongbo Bai (presented by He Gexue)
Beijing FEAonline Engineering Co., Ltd, China

Session 9A

Creation and evaluation of part envelopes through an automated process
Apostolis Paraschoudis
BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece

A pre-processing interface embedded in ANSA for acoustic radiation analyses with RADACT
Chryssa Sferidou, Tassos Sarridis
BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece

ANSA and META as a CAE software development platform
Michael Giannakidis, Yianni Kolokythas
BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece

Session 9B

Adaptive finite element method for Aerospace and Aeroacoustic applications
Rodrigo Vilela de Abreu, Niclas Jansson, Johan Hoffman, Johan Jansson
Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Numerical simulation of the BETA car cabin thermal comfort achieved by HVAC and/or open windows at cruising speeds
Mahmoud Abokhedr, Nicholas Mitroglou, Manolis Gavaises
School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences City University London, UK

CFD simulation of a bubbling fluidized bed biomass gasifier using ANSA meshing and ANSYS FLUENT
Dimitrios Mertzis1, Savvas Savvakis2, Zissis Samaras1
1Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics, Mechanical Engineering Dpt., Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
2BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece

Session 11

CAE contribution to the mid-term plan named "NISSAN POWER 88"
Toshihiro Araki
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, Japan

Session 12A

Vehicle dynamics and durability simulations using ANSA and Abaqus
Harish Surendranath
Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA Corp., USA

Following nature’s lead for ultimate design efficiency – The ACP process as applied to FSV
Akbar Farahani1*, Jody Shaw2
1ETA Inc., USA
2U. S. Steel, USA

Session 12B

Modelling and design optimization of a formula student race car
K. Arvanitopoulos-Darginis1, L. Ntziachristos1 2, A. Pouchias1, K. Zisis1, C. Mantelakis1, K.-E. Karyotakis1, N. Michailidis1 3
1Aristotle Racing Team
2Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics, Mechanical Engineering Dpt.
3Physical Metallurgy Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering Dpt.
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

New techniques to improve modelling, design and optimization of complex thermoplastic components
Marios Lambi, Daniel Dubiel, Jim McGuire
BASF Engineering Plastics, North America

Session 13A

Recent advances in re-analysis methods for NVH including shape and topology optimization
Zissimos Mourelatos1, Santosh Patil2, John Skarakis2
1Oakland University, Rochester MI, USA
2BETA CAE Systems USA, Inc., USA

NVH Model integrating and configuration complexity
handling tool using ANSA

Sundar Chanduri1, Anil Kumar1, Santosh Patil2*
1Chrysler Group LLC, USA
2BETA CAE Systems USA, Inc., USA

Conceptual car design at BMW with focus on NVH performance
M. Kroiss1, L. Cremers2, V. Evangelou3
1IABG mbH, Strength, Simulation, Method Development, Germany
2BMW Group, Vehicle NVH Department, Germany
3BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece

Squeak & Rattle simulation at VOLVO Car Corporation using the E-LINE™ method
Jens Weber1, Casper Wickman2
1ÅF, Technical Analysis, Sweden
2Volvo Car Corporation, Sweden

Session 13B

Numerical simulation of blood flow in lad models with different degrees and location of stenosis
Konstantinos Papadopoulos, Nicholas Mitroglou, Manolis Gavaises
School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences City University London, UK

Finite element modelling of a total wrist implant
M. K. Gislason*, D. H. Nash
University of Strathclyde, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Glasgow, UK

Finite element based implant optimization and preoperative preparation
Alexander Tsouknidas1, Savvas Savvakis2, Kleovoulos Anagnostidis3, Ioannis Asaniotis2, Antonios Londos4, Nikolaos Michailidis1
1Mechanical Engineering Dpt., Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Greece
2BETA CAE Systems S.A., Greece
3Cardiff Spine Unit, University Hospital of Wales, University Hospital Llandough, UK
4Department of Mechanical Engineering, Frederick University, Cyprus

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