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Session 1

Keynote Speech: How can CAE support Innovation?
Dr. Vasilios Bakolas
Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG.

Session 2A Session 2B Session 2C

A new approach on data management for the CAE model-building process at BMW: DCM-GUI
1Michael Tryfonidis*, 2Hans-Peter Daunhert, 2Marcel Meder
1BETA CAE Systems, Greece,
2BMW Group, Germany

Geometry parametrization with morphing boxes and integration in a multi-disciplinary optimization
Paul-Edouard Munch
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Germany

Performance-oriented partners in simulation - engine development as an example
Dr.-Ing. Michael Klein*, Dr.-Ing. Reinhard Helfrich
INTES GmbH, Germany

Complete solution for model build-up
Irene Makropoulou*, George Nikolaidis
BETA CAE Systems, Greece

ACP - An optimization product design and development approach
Akbar Farahani

FEM analysis of a belt conveyor driving drum
A. Mihailidis, E. Bouras*, E. Athanasopoulos
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

ANSA DM: simulation data management in pre- and post-processing
Dimitrios Katramados*, Athanasios Roubies, Dimitrios Krontsos
BETA CAE Systems, Greece

Morphing strategies library presentation
Joshua Sims*, Sunil Earla, Ravi Nimbalkar, Yatin Kumbhar
BETA CAE Systems USA Inc., USA

Development of an automatic procedure for safety analysis of elevator frames following the EN-81 regulation
Dr. Ioannis Zyganitidis
BLAU EI O.E., Greece

Data process for CAE – structural analysis: from data hunting to drag & drop
Uwe Krempels
Daimler AG, Germany

Optimization of morphing parameters using ANSA and VR&D Genesis
Nick Kalargeros*, Dr Roger Darlington, Mark McNally
Jaguar Land Rover Ltd, UK

Design and topology optimization for additively manufactured structural parts: a formula student case study
H. Bikas*, J. Stavridis, P. Stavropoulos, G. Chryssolouris**
Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, University of Patras, Greece | **Corresponding author

Session 3A Session 3B Session 3C

Analyzing scatter of crash simulation results using the DIFFCRASH plug-in within MΕΤΑ
1Dominik Borsotto*, 2Antonios Perifanis, 2Dimitrios Siskos
1SIDACT GmbH, 2BETA CAE Systems, Greece

High-end solutions for CFD with ANSA/META
Vangelis Skaperdas
BETA CAE Systems, Greece

Sheet metal forming optimization using ANSA and LS-DYNA
Simone Ferrero*, Caterina Tribuzi
Nova Analysis, Italy

Crash CAE in the all new Volvo XC90 and SPA platform
Domenico Macri*, Anders Sandahl, Johan Jergeus, Oscar Centeno, Anders Ericsson, Weijia Wu, Emil Claesson, Per Anders Eggertsen, Mathias Retzlaff, Michelle Khoo
Volvo Car Corporation, Sweden

The influence of mesh characteristics on OpenFOAM simulations of the DrivAer model
Grigoris Fotiadis*, Vangelis Skaperdas, Aristotelis Iordanidis
BETA CAE Systems, Greece

Automation Tool for sheet metal stamping using ANSA
Ramesh Venkatesan, Jithesh Erancheri, Nanda Kumar
Kaizenat Technologies Private Limited, India

Session 4A Session 4B Session 4C

New technologies for Occupant Safety model set-up and analysis
Athanasios Fokylidis*, Athanasios Lioras
BETA CAE Systems, Greece

FEMZip compression and faster MΕΤΑ visualization of CFD results
1Pinaki Banerjee*, Stefan Müller, 2George Kalaitzidis, 2Dimitrios Siskos
1SIDACT GmbH, Germany,
2BETA CAE Systems, Greece

The effect of masticatory loading on the cervical loop region of the incisor in rodents
1T. Mitsiadis*, 2A.Tsouknidas, 3V. Karatsis, 2N. Michailidis
1Institute of Oral Biology, University of Zurich, Switzerland,
2Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece,
3BETA CAE Systems, Greece

ANSA scripting for automated pedestrian marking and simulation input
1Yogesh Upreti 1Matthias Erzgraeber 2Thanassis Fokylidis
1Adam Opel AG, Germany,
2BETA CAE Systems, Greece

Thermal simulations with THESEUS-FE and ANSA: Optimizing thermal comfort in an office building environment
Dr. Daniel Köster
P+Z Engineering GmbH, Munich, Germany

MFAT - A basic fatigue module for META-post
1Anders Jonsson*, 2Martin Sjöberg, 2Johnny Grenwald
1DynaMORE Nordic AB, Sweden,
2BAE Systems, Sweden

Pedestrian protection head impacts in glass correlation FEM test in the new SEAT Leon
Angel Segura Santillana*, Carlos Arregui-Dalmases, Javier Luzon-Narro
SEAT Centro Técnico, Spain

Design optimization with ANSA morph
Tobias Eidevåg*, David Tarazona Ramos*, Mohammad El-Alti
Alten AB, Sweden

Session 6

SPDRM implementation in a European automotive OEM
1Irene Makropoulou*, 2Niclas Dagson, 1Menelaos Pappas
1BETA CAE Systems, Greece,
2ALTEN AB, Sweden

Session 7A Session 7B  

A new approach on processing large scale computer tomography data in conjunction with high-end CAE pre-processing
1Daniel Heiserer*, 2Michael Tryfonidis
1BMW Group, Germany
2BETA CAE Systems, Greece

The benefit of ANSA tools in the Dallara CFD process
Simona Invernizzi
Dallara Engineering, Italy


Design improvement through enhanced processes available within NVH Console
Tassos Sarridis*, Vasileios Pavlidis
BETA CAE Systems, Greece

Automated optimization of a CAE external aerodynamics for aero-drag reduction
1Andrea Serra*, 1Massimiliana Carello, 2Marco di Nonno
1Politecnico di Torino, Italy,  2BETA CAE Italy Srl, Italy


Pleasure vessel vibration and noise finite element analysis
1Sergio Macchiavello*, 2Angelo Tonelli
1D’Appolonia S.p.A., Italy, 2Rina Services S.p.A., Italy

Numerical simulations of flow through S-Duct
1Pravin Peddiraju, 1Arthur Papadopoulos, 2Vangelis Skaperdas, 3Linda Hedges*
1BETA CAE Systems USA, Inc., USA,
2BETA CAE Systems, Greece,
3CFD Consultant, USA


Global damping validation and a new modal contribution feature for squeak & rattle simulation
Samy Bazine, Jens Weber*
Volvo Car Corporation, Sweden

Customization of META post for display of results from a molding simulation
1Prasanna Kondapalli*, 1James McGuire, 1Damiano LaRosa, 2Deepak Lokesha, 2Joshua Sims
1BASF Corp., U.S.A,
2BETA CAE Systems USA Inc., USA

Session 8A Session 8B Session 8C

Increased accuracy in squeak &rattle simulations by enhanced material properties, damping values and aligned evaluation directions
1Mehrdad Moridnejad, 1,2Casper Wickman, 1Jens Weber, 2Lars Lindqvist, 2Rikard Söderberg
1Volvo Car Corporation, Sweden
2Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Importance of accuracy in CFD simulations
Vedat Akdag
Metacomp Technologies, USA

Laminated composite products: simulation process made easy
Ioannis Nerantzis
BETA CAE Systems, Greece

Improving efficiency of ACMS and AMLS domain composition methods for large vibratory systems using re-analysis concepts
1Zissimos Mourelatos*, 2Santosh Patil, 2John Skarakis
1Oakland University, Rochester MI, USA,
2BETA CAE Systems USA Inc., USA

CFD analysis of supersonic and hypersonic wings using ANSA and META tools
Kaleeswaran Balasubramaniam*, Shivakumar Biradar
Xitadel CAE Technologies, India

Analysis of pressed composite automotive tailgate using ANSA & META
Andy Ngai, Mark Arnold

Session 9A Session 9B Session 9C

3D shape recognition using ANSA scripts
Koji Otani
Integral Technology Co., Ltd., Japan

Multiobjective duct optimization with open source CFD solver
1Fabio Vicenza*, 1Daniele Obiso, 2Stamatina Petropoulou, 1Daniele Speziani
1Phitec IngegneriaSrl, Italy,
2ICON Technology & Process Consulting Ltd, United Kingdom

Simulation of carbon-roving-structures-extreme light and strong by filament wound reinforcement
1Dirk Dreißig*, 2Peter Faßbänder, 1Ulrich Hindenlang
1LASSO Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Germany,
2FS Software & Konstruktionen GmbH, Germany

Automatic generation of multibody simulations in ANSA by usage of graph-based design languages
Constantin Diez
Adam Opel AG, Germany

On vortex shedding from trailing edge of a full-scale marine propeller blade
Saeed Javdani*, Nicholas Mitroglou, John S. Carlton
City University London, School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, UK

Execution and evaluation of the optimization process for a multi-material damping treatment
1M. Jaber*, 1A. Baum, 1H. Schneeweiss, 2J. Bös, 2T. Melz
1BMW Group, Germany,
2Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany

Design and study of door components for a two-seater electric vehicle in side impact conditions
P. Bazios*, P. Spanoudakis, N. Tsourveloudis
School of Production Engineering and Management, Technical University of Crete, Greece


Size and shape optimization of overmolded continuous glass fiber laminate with short glass fiber reinforced polyamide for maximum impact resistance using ANSA, LS-OPT, and LS-DYNA coupled with ULTRASIM®
Praphulla Chandra*, Rodrigo Orozco
BASF Performance Materials, USA

Session 11

Keynote Speech: Introduction of active safety technology into new car assessment programmes
Prof. Sadayuki Ujihashi
Chair of JNCAP, Professor Emeritus at Tokyo Institute of Technology

The evolution of BETA CAE Systems suite scripting capabilities into a full CAE development platform
Yianni Kolokythas*, Michael Giannakidis
BETA CAE Systems, Greece

Process automation tools for accelerating CAE processes in ANSA environment
Umesh Mallikarjunaiah*, Mrityunjaya Yeli, Prakash Krishnaswamy,
Xitadel Group, India

Session 12A Session 12B  

Multistage optimization of automotive control arm through topology and shape optimization
1Duane Detwiler, 2Emily Nutwell*, 3Deepak Lokesha
1Honda R&D Americas, USA,
2Ohio State University SIMCenter, USA,
3BETA CAE Systems USA Inc., USA

CFD comparison for the SARM rotary engine with a conventional reciprocating Otto cycle engine
1V. Gkoutzamanis *, 2D. Mertzis, 1S. Nikolaidis, 1S. Savvakis
1the SARM Project, Greece,
2Lab. of Applied Thermodynamics, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


Application of non-parametric sizing optimization for car body parts using Simulia Tosca structure and ANSA
1Georgi Chakmakov*, 2Serafim Chatzimoisiadis
1Dassault Systèmes, Bulgaria
2BETA CAE Systems, Greece

Prediction of resistive soot sensor behavior in diesel exhaust via 3D simulation of soot deposition
P. Fragkiadoulakis*, D. Mertzis, S. Geivanidis, Z. Samaras
Lab. of Applied Thermodynamics, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


Connecting rod optimization integrating modeFrontier with ANSA
1Alberto Clarich*, 1Marco Carriglio, 2Giulio Bertulin, 2Günther Pessl
1ESTECO SpA, Italy, 2BMW Motoren GmbH, Austria

A numerical simulation of single  and two-phase flow in porous media; A pore-scale observation of effective microscopic forces
M. Aboukhedr*, Dr. K. Vogiatzaki, Prof. M. Gavaises, Dr. N. Mitroglou,
City University London, UK


Morphing, optimization and automation strategies in ANSA - The efficient way to optimization
Onkar Mande*, Ravi Nimbalkar
BETA CAE Systems USA Inc., USA

Mesh curving techniques and parallel simulations of high order discontinuous Galerkin schemes on unstructured meshes
1F. Hindenlang, 2G. Gassner, 3C.-D. Munz
1Max-Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Garching
2Mathematical Institute, University of Cologne
3Institute for Aero- and Gas dynamics, University of Stuttgart


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